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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Humanistic Idea

Humanistic Idea /

Respecting, Caring, Supporting, Cultivating

Human resources are the first resources of the company. Chengda upholds the humanistic idea of “Respecting, Caring, Supporting and Cultivating”, unceasingly enhancing the talent teams. Chengda keeps on improving the salary system and incentive mechanism, constantly providing channels to employees for career development so as to build a community of shared responsibilities, shared interests and shared future between the corporate and the staff members, allowing excellent employees to share weal and woe, share fruits and grow together with the company.
Talent Cultivation

Talent Cultivation /

Culture beckoning hearts, Project cultivating talents

Culture beckoning hearts: Mission cumulating people, Vision driving people, Value cultivating people, Idea unifying people
Project cultivating talents: Training and cultivating talents by implementing projects and tackling difficulties
Talent Promotion

Talent Promotion /

Setting Up Platform, Establishing Mechanism, Promoting Talents

Setting up platform: Allow every employee accessible to a visible developing channel, providing them a powerful platform to fulfill their career aspirations.
、Establishing mechanism: Allow employees to enter or quit, to be prepared for both promotion and demotion, for higher or lower positions, presenting chances to the ambitious and presenting stages to the capable.
Promoting talents: Promote those willing to do, or capable of doing, or good at doing to the most suitable positions, giving full play to the value and ability of talents to enhance the collective combat effectiveness