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Products and Services

Products and Services

Chengda has extensive experience in providing its professional services for storage and transportation projects. So far, the company has delivered  its engineering design solutions or EPC solutions  for more than 40 projects, including low temperature, normal temperature, high temperature storage and transportation projects, with a storage temperature range of -165 °C~+590°C and a product range of oil, LPG, LNG, olefins and various chemicals. The maximum tank design capacity is up to 200,000 m³.

Chengda’s business in the field of low temperature storage and transportation started by its involvement in the construction of LPG project in 1995 and developed  by having delivered its engineering design soutions or EPC solutions  for several LPG low temperature storage units.  Chengda pioneered the engineering activities   in China’s LNG receiving terminal development. Chenga was the first engineering company in China to participate in 1998 in the feasibility study, front-end engineering design and preliminary design of Guangdong Dapeng LNG project, China’s first LNG receiving terminal project upon which procedures were generated for China’s LNG receiving terminal projects’ implementation. Chengda has provided its  engineering services or EPC solutions for  more than 30 LNG receiving terminal projects  including FSRU floating type  in Fujian, Ningbo, Tianjin, Yuedong, Guangxi and Tangshan etc. in China. Chengda has accumulated rich technical and management experience over full process of project implementation.

In the field of storage and transportation at normal temperature, Chengda has delivered its engineering services or EPC solutions for a number of large oil or chemical tank farms, including the tank farm of PetroChina Sichuan Petrochemical Base (total tank capacity 479,500 ), Saudi SABIC commercial chemicals tank farm (total tank capacity 220,000 ), oil product storage tank farm of Guangzhou Nansha Taishan petrochemical storage project (total tank capacity 793,000 ), etc.