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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

To stabilize the domestic market shares, strengthen cooperation withforeign companies and improve EPC capability; to gradually achieveinternationalized modes in terms of capital, technology and production,includingthe patterns as joint ventures, cooperative operations, technology transfer andfranchising etc. To strive for common benefits, achieving win-win situation; tounceasingly pursue innovation, always taking the lead in the industry.

Environmental-friendly Concept

In compliance with laws and regulations Low carbon and environmental-friendly

Safety Concept

Cherish Life, Safety First

Service Concept

Heart-felt Services Beyond Expectations

Project Philosophy

Committed Scientific Management Value Creation

Strategic Positioning

One Body with Two Wings Cooperative Development

Development Path

Integrated, Diversified, Internationalized

Management Philosophy

Project-centered, standardized, efficient, optimized

Business Philosophy

Clients-focused, with all staff engaged, whole-process ongoing