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Signing of World Largest Single Unit Bleaching Powder Project Contract


Recently, Chengda and Indonesia Sinar Mas Group signed two contracts for the design, procurement and technical service of two bleaching powder projects, with the product capacities of 60,000 MTPA and 30,000 MTPA respectively. The 60,000 MTPA bleaching powder plant will be the largest single unit of bleaching powder plant in the world.

Since the 1980s, Chengda has been deeply engaged in the Indonesian market and has made great achievements. Up to now, it has undertaken 20 EPC projects, including 9 power plant projects and 11 chemical projects. The products of chemical projects involve soda ash, caustic soda, bleaching powder, ammonium bicarbonate and so on.

The signing of the above bleaching powder projects is another inspiring footprint of Chengda in the Indonesia market.