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Completion of Kaltim-2 2x125MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project


At 22:00, Jan.12th of 2020, Unit 2 of Kaltim2 Coal Fired Power Plant Project invested and EPC executed by Chengda in Indonesia, smoothly passed NDC (Net Dependable Capacity) and 168 hour reliability run with good performance, whose discharge is better than the designed discharge standard.

This is another important milestone after commercial operation of Unit 1 on Nov. 12, 2019. With about 80 days ahead of the schedule as specified in Power Purchase Agreement and EPC Contract, it sets a new record in power plant construction in Kalimantan Indonesia.

Kaltim-2 Power Plant is the third project in Indonesia in which Chengda is the investor and EPC Contractor. It’s located in Kalimantan, having two sets of 125WM coal-fired power plant units and one 20km transmission line. The successful completion of Kaltim-2 Power Plant Project once again demonstrates Chengda’s strength in overseas investment, EPC performance and financing, especially Chengda’s performance in the outer island of Indonesia.