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China’s First Exported Megawatt Electric Generating Unit Successfully Put into Commercial Operation


At 23:58 of Nov. 8th, 2019 Indonesia local time, the Indonesia Cilacap Phase III ultra-supercritical megawatt coal-fired power plant, which was undertaken by China Chengda Engineering Co. Ltd. of China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation (hereinafter called Chengda) on EPC basis, was put into commercial operation after 168 hours of Reliability Test. This unit is the first megawatt electric generating unit exported to the overseas market, and also as another important achievement following up President Xi’s “One Belt and One Road” initiative. It only took less than 2 months to achieve the commercial operation since the first synchronization on September 12, 2019.


With concerted effort and conscientious work of all the personnel and companies participated in the project, it only took 35 months and 20 days from signing the contract to the commercial operation. Before 168 hours of Reliability Test, this unit has passed the load rejection and house load test, with each figure reaching or even better than the design figures; meanwhile the environmental protection facilities like desulfurizer and electrostatic precipitator are operated simultaneously, with smoke dust, SO2 and NOx discharge less than design figures and local emission standards, which fully demonstrates Chengda’s EPC execution competency with engineering design as the core strength.

As the first megawatt unit put into commercial operation in Indonesia, this plant got high attention from Indonesian Department of Energy (DJK) and Indonesia National Power Company (PLN), as well as great support from Economic Affairs Office of the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia and National Development Bank. The successful commercial operation of this project further amplifies the brand effect of China National Chemical Engineering Group Corp. and Chengda, effectively mitigates the power supply shortage on Java Island, Indonesia, considerably raises Indonesian power equipment level and plays an important and profound role in local technical progress and improvement of the residents’ living standard, and securing Indonesia’s economic development as well.


Up till now, Chengda has completed 14 overseas power plant projects on EPC basis in Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh, etc. with total plant capacity of 5640 MW, where Chengda has accumulated abundant overseas EPC contracting experiences, cultivated great number of overseas project talents, effectively ensuring Chengda’s high quality development in international market and continuously creating values to the clients across the world.